Satisfying tasks, one involving petrol

Despite being up until ungodly1 hours last night, today was rather productive.

I had a callout to a petrol station this morning. A power spike had fried the forecourt computer and broken all communication with the pumps. The computer was old. You know how when Arthur Miller died you thought ‘he was still going? Wasn’t he married to Marilyn Monroe back in the 60s?’. Old like that. My hopes of recovery faded when I saw the AT power supply, but the motherboard turned out to have an ATX connector. Replacing an AT PSU with an ATX is always entertaining, mainly because AT PSUs connect(ed) directly to the power switch, and if the case isn’t set up for ATX it’s nigh on impossible to turn the thing on and off short of pulling out the main cable2. There was no other quick solution, however, and after a lot of cable routing and swearing at symmetrical IDE connectors the thing finally powered up. Half an hour’s troubleshooting later and it started communicating with the pumps and we brought in the ‘no petrol’ signs. It wasn’t a difficult job, but was particularly satisfying when customers immediately started pulling in.

I’ve also finally completed my application for the Westminster University Photography degree. Getting references, finding all my GCSE/A-Level certificates and writing a personal statement took longer than expected, but it’s now sitting in an envelope in front of me. I don’t know the official deadline date – nobody seemed to want to tell me – but my application will be sent special delivery in the morning. I’m very concerned it’s too late, but it’s worth a try.

  1. I suspect one might spontaneously pop into existence just to back me up on this []
  2. also, messing around with an AT PSU is the one time I’ve ever been zapped by mains voltage. I found myself on the other side of the room, completely confused and wondering whether it was possible a secretary had hit me []