The Blood-Curdling Case of the Buried Treasure

My sixth mystery is now up at the Kids’ Mysteries site1. This one’s set outdoors, in a generic location to make it easy to stage, and has clues that can be hidden around the area. It also has ten characters rather than the usual eight. Blurb from the site:

Many, many years ago, when the town of Buccaneer Valley was just a tiny settlement, a band of pirates and thieves pulled off the most daring theft of its time. The men got away with a fortune in jewels. With the enraged citizens hot on their trail, they had no choice but to split up. Arguments quickly started. What would they do with the loot? When would they each get their shares? The leader of the group, a dangerous man named Dylan Quint, decided to bury it. Everyone agreed to meet five years later to dig it up and divide it. Legend says that Quint had strange powers and was able to place a frightening monster nearby to guard the spot until they were back together again. Yet, no one ever returned. The Quint treasure is rumored to be buried somewhere still in the woods near Buccaneer Valley – and the monster is keeping watch over it even today.

The site owner describes it on the front page as “the latest offering from popular writer Andrew West”. Popular writer! Me! I am chuffed.

I don’t think I’ve mentioned how these work. All the mysteries are $24.972 for an instant download of a pack containing full-colour artwork, player sheets for all characters and scripts to read out. They’re not specifically set in the US, but that’s the major market and the dialogue is localised accordingly: ‘candy’ rather than ‘sweets’, for example; I doubt the kids would even notice, but it’s only fair to point it out. The mysteries are entirely age-appropriate, and structured so that a large number of kids can be ‘investigators’ and figure out the mystery by asking each character questions, so the party doesn’t require a fixed number of people. I’ve been writing them for two years now, and am quite proud of the results.

  1. affiliate link – well, you never know []
  2. really, really cheap on today‘s exchange rates. As the writer this has certain downsides, but that’s not your problem 🙂 []