Jeremy Hardy on political correctness

I have the first series of Jeremy Hardy Speaks to the Nation on tape, which shows how old it is. The comedian’s half-hour talks on important issues of the day frequently had me in stitches as a teenager. I knew there was a new series in the pipeline, but hadn’t realised it was being broadcast until Lisa mentioned it1. The most recent dealt with ‘belief, both religious and secular’, then segued into political correctness where Jeremy gives an impassioned rant against those who spend the whole damn time complaining about it. I laughed out loud when he said (paraphrased somewhat):

When Derbyshire schools cancelled schools for safety reasons after heavy snowfalls, the right-wing press called it political correctness. That’s not political correctness, it’s the nanny state! You’ve only got two ideas, at least get them the right way around!

Not sure how much longer it’ll be available on the BBC site, but it’s worth a listen.

  1. Life on Mars spoilers in that link []