Escape Pod #100

The superb Escape Pod short science-fiction podcast just reached its 100th episode, celebrating with a 90-minute reading of Isaac Asimov’s ‘Nightfall’. From Steve’s introduction it seems the story is one of the most popular ever written, but I’d never heard it before. I listened to it while driving back from Nottingham this morning, and was highly entertained. A planet with six suns faces the prospect of imminent darkness, and is woefully ill prepared…

I have a soft spot for Isaac Asimov (along with Arthur C. Clarke) as I devoured his short story collections as a child, and the storytelling style is warm and familiar. I feel in safe hands, and Nightfall was as well-structured and intellectually stimulating as you’d expect, continually fracturing my expectations as the story progressed. It was also very well read, which I think is a highly underrated skill. While I’m talking narration, I should mention #98. It was a fascinating and clever story about chemical-based advertising – a dart hits your neck, and you crave a Big Mac – and the excellent narrator had quite possibly the sexiest voice I’ve ever heard. Worth checking out, for many reasons.

Happy century, Escape Pod. I’ll be listening to the next 100.