Last night we went to see Sunshine – Danny Boyle’s new sci-fi action thriller. We both enjoyed it. In a future where the sun is dying, a spacecraft sets out to reignite it using a payload with the mass of Manhattan. I can’t think of any valid physics behind this either, but it’s one of those premises you just have to accept. Once you do the rest of the science is perfectly valid – none of the innovative situations the crew found themselves in were solved using completely ridiculous ideas or ghosts in the machine, and I thought it was rather clever on the whole. The only exception was such a massive ship being quite so maneuverable, but that’s not so big a deal. I want better AI on my spaceship, though.

I thought it was well-crafted and fairly unpredictable. It was stylish with gorgeous visuals, and the atmosphere confined without quite being claustrophobic. Space was black and deadly – it was very Alien in this respect – and the sun a horror. The special effects were seamless, of course, and never brought you out of the film. I’m told Cillian Murphy is as pretty as Rose Byrne, too. Recommended by me.