Doctor Who so far

Was that a Neil Gaiman reference in tonight’s Doctor Who? Regarding the Eternals? Sounded like one. I wish the Sandman graphic novels weren’t so expensive. I really enjoyed the first two – I think Neil Gaiman is good in print, but when combined with artwork he’s a titan – and I keep hearing people say things like “if I could only read one story ever again, it would be the Sandman novels”. Maybe the local library can get them for me…I always forget about libraries. I’m sure I missed plenty of little Shakespearean jokes in this evening’s show. I needed Abi there to point them out, as she knows the plays far better than I do.

I’ve been impressed with DW so far. It’s only been two episodes, admittedly, but they both made me laugh out loud on many occasions. “Does this hospital have an ET department?”. I think the new assistant is still finding her feet – she wavers between spot-on and slightly wince-inducing imho – but the surrounding episode is strong enough to support her, and David Tennant is just superb. I’m sure she’ll improve.