Degrees both sensible and silly

I have discovered that the dean of Westminster University’s Harrow campus, who I briefly spoke to yesterday, is an associate editor of New Humanist magazine. Cool. In my little fond-of-rationalisation head, this cancels out the wider university’s unfortunate stance on homeopathy. They offer a degree in the subject, justifying this partly on the basis that it teaches methods of critical analysis. I think they should have a degree in the Magical Night Time Activities of Garden Gnomes and Associated Fearie. As long as it’s critically taught, obviously.

I’m almost sure I’m going to apply for the part-time Photography BA. The course sounded excellent, and it’s too good an opportunity to miss. The finances can be sorted one way or another, and the whole idea is instinctively positive, like the first time I walked into my flat. Yes. I hope this post doesn’t harm my application…:-)