Back to two monitors

I used to use two monitors. Being able to quickly maximize windows side-by-side is extremely useful, especially when photo/website editing, but my flat hasn’t the space for two large CRTs so I traded them for one widescreen LCD when I moved in. I’m very happy with it as a monitor, but it’s not the same. I recently got hold of a spare 15″ LCD, and hooked it up this morning. The resolutions don’t match and the two are at very different height – moving the mouse from one to another is a weird experience – but it works well nevertheless. I’ve a bunch of Google Gadgets taking up much of the screen currently: Gmails, Google Talk, a scratch pad, a disk/bandwidth monitor and BBC News. The background nature of the Gadgets means they’ll happily sit behind anything I drag over there. It’s helpful being able to shove chat windows out of my main work area.