Not much dancing at a dancing weekend

This Friday I’ll be driving to Torquay for a dancing weekend. I’ve been to a few before, but this is the first to be run over three nights. When I reserved a place six months ago I thought it would be a good intensive weekend, but not so much. Other people at my dance group decided they’d be bored of dancing by the third night, and apparently suggested we do something else instead. So, on Sunday evening we’ll head to another hotel to watch some ‘live entertainment’, and that morning’s teaching session is now a vague possibility rather than a definite feature. I’m increasingly pissed off about this.

It’s rather strange that people want to go on a dancing weekend and not dance much, but obviously they can do what they like. It’s a shame they convinced our teachers everybody feels the same way, though. The weekend cost £155, which, while good value for the standard of hotel, made a serious dent in my already-depleted finances last month. I could do without the apparently pointless extra day. I don’t know why they didn’t scrap the Friday night dance instead, since we’ll have had a four-hour drive already that day. Without any dancing on Sunday it’s more like a mini-holiday than a learning weekend. That would be ok, but isn’t what I’ve been looking forward to.

I suppose it’s really about a difference in how we view the class. I think many of the regulars now think of it as a social evening, and those of us who still see it as primarily a dance class are outnumbered. Oh well, I mustn’t get pessimistic – it’ll probably be a fun time, if a bit of a waste. Sorry to whine, I just feel cheated.