Cockroaches for sale

Given the large signs indicating the correct motorway exit, the presence of a sat-nav unit telling me to turn off and my having driven the route many times before, I wonder how I nevertheless managed to miss the M69. Oh well, doubling back only added twenty-five minutes to the eighty minute journey 🙂

I had a great and busy weekend with Abi, including seeing Coriolanus at the RST, a social dance1 and trips to the Butterfly Farm and Shakespeare’s Birthplace. I knew nothing about Coriolanus before Saturday, but enjoyed it very much. It was surprisingly fast-moving and unpredictable, neither of which I’ve found to be common Shakespearean traits2, and the production was beautifully lit and staged. I really recommend it, especially since balcony tickets are £12.

This was at the Butterfly Farm:

Giant hissing cockroaches for sale

I don’t need to own anything with a name that includes both ‘giant’ and ‘hissing’.

  1. that a whole bunch of my friends failed to turn up to, disappointingly []
  2. not a criticism, just an observation []