Russian Twelfth Night

I’m seeing Twelfth Night this evening, after a kind friend donated two tickets this morning. It’s in Russian, with English subtitles. I’m not sure what to expect, but it should be interesting. Although I know the rough plot I’m not very familiar with the play, so hopefully I’ll be able to follow it. The website quotes a review:

Magical, darkness and light, the dualities of good and evil, and the possibilities of transvestism all explored with hummingbird wit and precision…it is the funniest of Twelfth Nights

It’ll be different, at least! I’m skipping my dance class, but it’s no big loss at the moment. We’ve been going over existing steps for a long time, which is useful from a technique standpoint, but isn’t very exciting. I can see that my teacher wants to get everybody up to the same level, but it’s becoming frustrating now. I’m hoping things will pick up after the upcoming dance weekend.