Mobile phones and driving

A man on the radio just now was disgusted after being fined and getting three points for reading a text on the motorway. He was only checking to see who it was from – he wasn’t talking or anything! Maybe people should get points for demonstrating they have no sense.

And then there’s the guy who uses his mobile at 100mph on the motorway because he’s been driving for 42 years without an accident, but it’s ok because he’s in a big, fast Volvo (his words). I just don’t know how you justify that to yourself. What is it with the bravado that goes with driving dangerously? The number of people who give me smug little smiles while explaining how fast they’ve driven, or that they use their phone…

If somebody steps out in front of me and dies, I’ll spend the rest of my life wishing it hadn’t happened. If I’m going too fast, or on the phone, I’ll spend the rest of my life knowing they might still be alive if I’d been obeying the law. It’s a complete no-brainer – I’m in control of a massive machine travelling at high velocity only metres away from fragile beings: the onus is entirely on me to do everything I can to be safe, and my judgement is nothing compared to qualified road safety experts.

I’ve been called a ‘goody-goody’ when people discover I only drive speed limits after asking questions that assume I go as fast I possibly can. I’m fed up of this. I like the exhilaration of speed as much as the next guy, but there is no justification for putting yourself above other people on public roads because “it’s quiet”, or “the houses are set back”, or my favourite “I have to keep up with traffic”. It sometimes seems like most men1 are incapable of making this distinction, but maybe that’s unfair. Thus far I’ve quietly fumed when people look down their noses at me, but one day I’m going to react badly.

Man, some issues get me annoyed rather quickly. I should stop listening to the Jeremy Vine show 🙂 I shall have some lunch and calm down.

  1. let’s face it, it’s normally men []