Major Flickr problem

It looks like Flickr has some major problem involving seemingly random images (occasionally) appearing in place of regular photos. I imagine the site will go down shortly – 240 comments in 40mins on this forum post – but if anybody meanwhile sees hardcore porn in my Flickr photos, it’s nothing to do with me. I assume they’ll have to rebuild the image caches, and I hope they do it quickly – there are some seriously angry people on the forums atm.

Update: It doesn’t seem likely they’ve been hacked – I’m guessing it’ll be massive corruption of the image database. I know Flickr don’t object to ‘adult’ images providing they’re kept private, but I’m amazed there’s so much of it stored on there.

Update 2: Heather and the Flickr staff are apparently on it, at 0600 in SF.

Update 3: People are mental. Sure it’s not ideal, but is it really the end of the world if a child accidentally sees a pornographic image? Do children actually get upset by that kind of thing? I think I’d just have been confused.

Update 4: All fixed.