Politically correct road signs

This is just boring now:

A decision to put road signs in Polish on a busy road had nothing to do with political correctness, council chiefs claimed yesterday.

Eight temporary diversion signs, written in Polish, were placed around the Cheshire-Shropshire border at the request of Cheshire County Council. The signs, which explain how to reach Whitchurch while road works are being carried out on the A49, were condemned by some as “political correctness gone mad”.

Helping people understand things is ‘political correctness’, now? In fact these are diversion signs, which aren’t necessarily familiar to the many Polish lorry drivers using the area. Yeah, people shouldn’t be using the roads if they don’t understand and taking-our-jobs-never-had-sat-navs-in-my-day-whiny-blah. Can you imagine if ‘some’ campaigned for a worthwhile cause?