Wandering around Stratford in the snow

As you may have gathered I was rather excited by the snow, and eagerly headed outside on Thursday to see how the world looked. The streets were very quiet and it was pleasant to walk around / stand in the middle of the road taking pictures. I headed down to Holy Trinity Church, which I thought might be pretty:

There wasn't much traffic Avenue to Holy Trinity Church

Holy Trinity gravestones Wintry Avon Shakespeare memorial garden thingy place

Just around the corner in Avonbank Gardens there were a couple of families building snowmen:

Mika the Snowman Aging rasta snowman

which scared this dog so much that he refused to move:


A few brave souls were making their way down the other side of the river:

Alone in the snow

It was still snowing for the first half-hour, and I was trying to keep my camera protected from the worst. Unfortunately this made my lens steam up. I nipped into the eaves of the brass rubbing centre to try to clean it up, and was followed by the aforementioned dog, who seemed unimpressed with the cold:

Sheltering from the snow

I removed the UV filter as a temporary fix, and happily it stopped snowing a couple of minutes later so the fogging didn’t recur. I walked along to the theatre, where somebody had built this:

Creepy Eyes

Isn’t he great! He even looks like an actor, albeit an evil one. Alan Rickman, perhaps. The gardens and basin were very wintry:

Admiring the view Trapped

and across the river was this madman:

There is no reason to do this

I can think of no reason anybody would do that. At this point my memory card filled up, and I scrapped some of the obviously dodgy shots as I walked the loop back to the flat. The river was perhaps busier than the path:

Conspiracies afoot Geese and Swan

I came home and grabbed some lunch while thawing out, then in the afternoon headed away from town, following the river. The world quickly turned black and white:

Monochromatic World

On the left-hand side are people sledging. I was very jealous – I don’t think I’ve ever been sledging in the snow. I managed, quite by accident, to capture somebody falling off one:

Three things about this photo Be appreciative

I include the other not-terribly-good picture because I nearly died taking it. Well, ‘nearly died’ is perhaps an exaggeration. ‘Fell on my ass in the snow while attempting to climb a minor incline’ would be a more accurate description. My camera lens went straight into the snow at the same time, but happily survived. I was glad there was nobody around. For some reason I then decided to take my usual walking route, which included really quite treacherous steps:

Stairway to the woods Path above the river

The muffling effect of the snow made the path through the woods very quiet. The other side was deserted, and for a while it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere. So I made Boris:


and left him there. Hopefully he gave somebody a laugh. The rest of the walk was very peaceful.

Upriver to the Greenway bridge Stratford Racecourse

At this point my camera battery failed (unimpressed). It was getting dark and starting to spit, so I looped back home and found the heating had died đŸ™‚ It was fun to walk around – the full Flickr set is here – although I had nobody to start a snowball fight with. It’s not really winter unless you have a snowball fight.