Fleeing the cold

Other than an unfortunate and spectacular attempt to climb a snowy bank this afternoon, today was going fine until the early evening. I was sitting at my desk when I realised I was colder than normal, and further investigation revealed the boiler’s pilot light had gone out. I re-lit it, but twenty minutes later was no warmer. The boiler was still alight and giving every appearance of running as normal, but wouldn’t accept any kind of bribe to produce hot water. Obviously it was the perfect day for a central heating breakdown…A British Gas engineer is booked for tomorrow afternoon, but I’ve had to evacuate to my parents’ for the night – it’s just too cold at home. I was nervous about the drive over, but happily the main roads were clear (and pleasantly free of traffic) and the snow hadn’t had a chance to freeze yet. Hopefully the boiler will be easily fixable!