Intelligent design in RE

‘Intelligent design’ is to be taught in RE classes:

In a move that is likely to spark controversy, the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority has for the first time recommended that pupils be taught about atheism and creationism in RE classes.

Sounds like a reasonable idea. RE lessons are where you’re supposed to discuss this kind of thing, after all. Having said that, the only two RE teachers I ever had were both devout Christians, and it was far from an unbiased education. I don’t think either was deliberately trying to evangelise, but (with one particularly) there was little doubt that Christianity was the ‘proper’ religion. I remember being told that I should wake up on Christmas morning and shout ‘Happy Birthday Jesus’. Didn’t do it. I don’t remember any mention of non-belief other than the time we were split into believers, agnostics and atheists. I got away lightly after putting myself into the agnostics (I remember telling my friend Ben that “a god wouldn’t have to experience time in the same way as us” – *cringes*) but I’d like to know what memories the atheists have of the experience.