Innovative ways to break a printer #1

On my desk I have a small magnetic chair that keeps hold of paper clips / screws / pins etc., and a few days ago I knocked it off the edge while playing with iDog cleaning. It landed on top of the printer, sending assorted tiny bits of metal down the paper feeder. The printer is now rather broken. Bugger. Epsons aren’t really designed to be taken apart (it’s not responding to the turn-it-upside-down-and-shake-it technique, sadly), but it’s either that or buy a new one. Bad Rowdy.

Plus, Windows just let me know that it restarted itself due to a ‘hard drive read error’. Urgh. Oh well, my computer’s been circling the drain of b0rk for a while now, what with being scared of USB devices and all, so this is probably a good early warning that it needs scrapping. Extra hard work for a while, I think.