Books and blogs and miscellany

Last night I went to a friend’s birthday party at a Chinese restaurant, tonight I was in a Harvester for pre-dance socialising and eats, and tomorrow I’m going to my grandparents’ for a meal. It’s almost like I have a social life, sometimes.

Sorry it’s a little quiet around here at the moment. I’m fairly busy, but it’s not just that. When your blog is an outlet for whatever’s going through your head, it becomes tricky during times when your thoughts are revolving around things you can’t really blog about. Good grief that was a badly composed sentence. I apologise unreservedly for that sentence. There’s not much I don’t blog about, one way or another. Is nothing bad. Apologies, this is uncomfortably close to being a tease, which wasn’t the intention. I shall stop.

Things that need mentioning, in greater detail than this:

  • I have now read Scepticism Inc. and The Great Gatsby.
  • I finally entered a whole bunch of my books into LibraryThing (I have a lot of Michael Connelly). I feel like it’s not a very deep collection, and I am in a battle with the part of my brain that is worried people will laugh at the lack of serious / classic tomes. I will not start thinking like that. A random selection should appear on the front page’s blogroll.
  • asked me to complete an insane survey that was obsessed with sex, for example ‘[i]f you were to sleep with someone before you were ready, what would be the reason you would do that?’. Answers included “[i]f I felt I was losing interest in them so they no longer ‘counted’ as a potential soul-mate”, which took me about five minutes to even understand. I like questions that create hypothetical situations then ask how I got into them.
  • I bought a red nose! It is made of foam. I want to do something for Red Nose Day. Two years ago was the beard incident. Hmmm.
  • I don’t really know who Russell Brand is. I’ve come across many thirty-second clips, but have never seen him present/appear in anything, and have no idea what he’s like. Apparently I’m the only person in the country for whom this is true.
  • The writer of Severance has a good blog.
  • As does the editor of New Humanist magazine.
  • This afternoon I realised that floating swans look a bit like dead cows if you turn your head sideways:
    If you turn your head to one side, it looks like a bull
  • Running From Camera is great. Put camera on tripod. Set timer. Run like hell.
  • Darwin Day is coming up.
  • I missed National Gorilla Suit Day.
  • I should also mention the holiday for people with not enough problems.

Plenty for me to catch up on, there.