Putting the customer first

I just came across this impressive piece of corporate-speak:

 As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, we at IRIS are committed to assisting you to achieve the transition from XP (or older operating systems) to Microsoft Vista when you are ready to make the move.

However we recognise that the launch also co-incides with the busiest time of year for many customers (self-assessment/ payroll year end). So we have decided to phase the introduction of Microsoft Vista compatibility into IRIS software over a period of some months to enable us to make this transition easier for you.

Aren’t they nice? They’ve seen that I’m doing other things, so they’re kindly ensuring their software won’t work with any new computer. It’ll be less hassle for me, you see – I won’t have to worry about setting it up, doing actual work, or anything.

I can’t help admiring the optimism, though.