David Cameron on the adoption agency row


David Cameron is set to back new laws to force Catholic adoption agencies to consider gay couples, the Tory leader revealed today.

The Conservative leader signalled his personal support for the new regulations but promised fellow Tory MPs a free vote on this issue, which he said was a matter of conscience.

His reasons are a little fuzzy,mind:

“I shall vote for the regulations, because I think it is right to have in this country clear rules against discrimination,” said Mr Cameron.

“On the issue of the Catholic adoption agencies, I don’t think personally that it is right to give them a block exemption from the law, because otherwise we will have other people wanting block exemptions from the law.”

Clever. He doesn’t actually make any comment on the validity of the exemptions other than in the broad sense. To be fair it’s possible he said more and it’s not reported here. What do you think to the chances of his party agreeing?

Mr Cameron’s frontbench colleague, David Davis, has already signalled his opposition to the proposals and said over the weekend he would “almost definitely” vote for an exemption to the Equality Act, for Catholic adoption agencies.

Not all that high, I suspect.