Where are the Conservatives in the adoption debate?

The Progressive brings up something interesting regarding the adoption debate: where is David Cameron? The Conservative Party are notable by their absence. Fun as it is to make fun of David Cameron, he has been good at (at least appearing to) present reasonable arguments at times like these. Yet there was no mention of it at yesterday’s PMQs, and I’ve seen no official comment.

The blog points out that an Early Day Motion expressing concern over proposed exemptions has currently been signed by 101 Labour MPs, 19 Lib Dems and 1 Conservative. The MP in question is John Bercow, who has publicly expressed his support. The only other Tory comment I’ve heard was on the radio this morning, where the MP1 said gay couples could go to different agencies if they wanted. Charming.

Given the Prime Minister’s apparent vulnerability in this area, the silence is telling.

(update: EDM link fixed)

  1. I only heard a highlight, so don’t know who it was or which show. I’ll update if I can track it down. []