Tiscali email problems

I increasingly loathe Tiscali. I’ve been struggling with their email systems for literally years, with all sorts of different problems. Their website is also extremely frustrating to use and seems unable to deal with completely un-paranoid cookie settings, requiring multiple logins to navigate account information. There’s also their webmail system, which logs you out after fifteen minutes of inactivity1. Typing an email = inactivity, and if take any longer than that to compose a message it’ll throw you out without any option to save.

Recently a friend of mine’s email address topped working. Emails to her bounced back with ‘unknown user’, and she could no longer login to webmail. She was still using Tiscali’s service, and her account was still fully active, working in other ways, and indicated the email address was still valid. At a loss, I emailed their support desk. I had a reply the next day giving me the standard troubleshooting regarding logging into webmail. I replied, emphasising the ‘unknown user’ error that suggested they had a problem with their system, and just received this:

I understand from your email that emails sent to [removed] are bounced back and you are facing logging problem in webmail. Also when trying to connect Outlook Express you get invalid username and password message.

Please ask the sender of the emails to check if he/she has blocked your email address, if found that it is not blocked than you need to report this fact to the Abuse Team at abuse@tiscali.co.uk.

Makes no sense. How would the sender blocking the email address result in a bounced message? And why would the abuse team care? I’m going to try to talk my friend into changing to a gmail account.

  1. or thereabouts, it’s hard to find an exact number []