Far from Amazing Meetings

A bunch of my favourite skeptical blogs and podcasts are out at The Amazing Meeting 5 in Las Vegas. The annual conference has skepticism and humanism as its main themes and attracts some big names. I’m very jealous. Speakers and performers include James Randi, Penn and Teller, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, Michael Shermer, Christopher Hitchens, Richard Wiseman, Phil Plait, the Skeptics’ Guide team, the editors of The Onion and Scientific American, and plenty more…As ever, I spent ten seconds working out whether I could afford to go, two minutes contemplating large amounts of debt and five minutes being generally grumpy with the universe. However, I’ve heard James Randi mention the possibility of a UK meeting, which would be excellent indeed if anything comes of it.

The Skeptics’ Guide is having a meetup at “Quark’s Bar” at the Star Trek Experience. Nod and I couldn’t resist going there a couple of years ago. As I recall it was pretty expensive, but worth it for the sheer geeky indulgence 🙂 According to my diary our waiter introduced himself as an ambassador, Klingons wandered around looking fierce, and there was a simulator ride in which a shuttle trip went catastrophically wrong (imagine that). The ‘shuttle crew’ were remarkably impressive given they must have performed the same routine hundreds of times, and we were seconds from death when the Enterprise-D turned up to save us, which was actually, um, surprisingly cool 🙂 Plus, the store sold these:

3D Chess

Don’t pretend you don’t want one.