Nice things, including a duck

I have at least three posts drafted on brain-paper, but find myself oddly tired and unable to type anything without it galloping off into the land of many clauses on a horse named What, so in lieu of sense here are some nice things:

  • Radio 2 have been playing ‘Grace Kelly’ by Mika for a few weeks now. Is quite different and most catchy, but isn’t yet available as a single. Happily it can be heard on his myspace page. He was named as the best new talent of 2007 in a BBC poll of UK ‘music critics and broadcasters’, a list that’s previously been topped by Keane and Corinne Bailey Rae.
  • The Sky at Night has entered its 50th year. I sent Patrick Moore a letter when I was thirteen and he responded personally. This is one of many reasons he rocks.
  • The largest single project in Hubble’s history has mapped the distribution of dark matter in greater detail than ever before, and it seems to conform to theory. Pretty impressive to have theories that predict what something does, while having no clue as to what it is. There are some anomalies, however, which if not shown to be noise throw up some very interesting questions – how can you have clumps of dark matter without associated ‘normal’ matter in the same place?
  • omglasergunspewpewpew (I think this is an internet fad that completely passed me by)
  • A very happy duck.

Right. Bed.