Robin Hood Finale

I have no problem with:

  • People appearing dead to medical examinations but actually still being alive.
  • People recovering from stab wounds in twenty minutes.
  • Knocking people out by hitting them with a bow.
  • Firing numerous arrows at the same time, and having them all go into separate bad guys.
  • Breaking into Nottingham by climbing over a wall.
  • Heroes who do absolutely nothing heroic.
  • Bad guys holding a knife to somebody’s throat who are happy to wait around while good guys set up an elaborate scheme to foil said bad guy.
  • Outlaws who spend all of their time whinging.
  • Known criminals who hang about inside the town hall without any kind of disguise, yet go unnoticed by the many many guards.

This is all fine. It is, after all, not supposed to be real. But:

  • Arrows will not bounce around a room like ricocheting bullets. This is just stupid.

There, that’s off my chest now 🙂