A Warm Home

Back to the non-Christmassy theme, then. Looks boring, doesn’t it? I’ll have to try and spice it up a little.

I’m back at home now after nine days at my parents’ house. It occurred to me in the middle of last week that nobody has any contact details for me, so the flat could have been hit by a custard ICBM and I’d have been clueless. Given that something has gone wrong the last few times I’ve been away I was a little nervous about returning, and when I opened the door to hear voices I was somewhat startled. Thankfully I can pretty much survey the entire flat from the front door, so I confirmed I was alone before the automatic ninja defence moves kicked in. A power cut had turned on the freeview box and speakers, so goodness knows how long they’d been chatting away to themselves. I later discovered that the main radiator’s thermometer has devolved to the binary settings of ‘hotter than the sun’ or ‘off’. It took me a while to realise as I was cooking and tidying up, and the flat was rather warm for a while.

My head’s still spinning from the heat of said radiator and I’m concerned I’m not making sense, so here are a few posts I’ve enjoyed recently:

  • Bad Astronomy on the real meaning of ‘day’ and ‘year’ – I didn’t know about ‘tropical years’.
  • Tom Hamilton on the Daily Mail and the BNP.
  • The Partially Clips webcomic, via Pootergeek.
  • A discussion of what constitutes the Worst Argument Ever, which inevitably quotes Intelligent Design advocates, including the brain-busting:

    Secondly, even if your thesis were accurate at least it is verifiable. When one dies, he returns to dirt. I have yet to hear of one dieing and returning to a monkey.

  • Via Mur (who now has a posse), The Evil Monkey Guide to Creative Writing:

    For all of these reasons and more, writing is perilous work. It is more deadly than special ops. It is more boring than selling insurance. It is more exhilarating than jumping out of an airplane without a parachute. You may die from writing, but more probably you will be disappointed. That is okay, too. Disappointment, as we all know, builds character.

Right. Washing up or Torchwood? Torchwood, obviously. Oh, all right then.