Merry Christmas! (6JNNKTNKXA6E)

I write this annually, but it’s still true: today’s definitely the best day of the year. It’s just…nice. I watched Scrooged this morning while wrapping presents (normally I can’t stand slapstick, but I love it when she hits him with the toaster) and am just back from delivering them, Santa-like but for the beard, to friends in the area. It’s my favourite job of the week.

I’m staying with my parents for a while as I can’t be having with waking up alone on Christmas Day, plus they have large amounts of chocolate…It is of course good to see them too 🙂 Tomorrow eleven relatives will descend upon us, including a three-year-old and Megan, so it gets somewhat manic. I think I’ll escape upstairs to watch the Christmas specials of Doctor Who and Strictly. As for now, I feel A Muppet Christmas Carol coming on…

The code in the post title is a gift item in the iTunes Store, so the first person to redeem it will receive a few Christmassy songs from me. Merry Christmas to anybody reading!