Strictly Final

I was waiting for one more parcel, and thankfully it was sitting outside my door this morning. Phew. This is turning into a bad habit, and one year I’m sure it’ll backfire…Just have to finish up the wrapping and I’m done. Hooray!

I’m rather excited about the Strictly final. From past performances I’d expect Mark to win, but it’s only fair to vote according to this evening’s routines. I hope the result is based on performance and not just because people like Matt. With five dances each(!) there’s plenty of time to form an opinion, happily. Hopefully there’ll be no repeats of last year’s Muppetgate, too 🙂 I’ll be heading across to a party in Leamington between the Strictly shows. I haven’t managed to avoid hearing the results the last two times I’ve tried, and I think there’s very little point even attempting it tonight – I’m sure I can talk the host into turning on the tv for the results.