Accidentally creepy

I went to my dance teachers’ Christmas Ball this evening, and had a great time apart from one unfortunate worry. There was a demonstration couple that I’d seen before, when the 14-year-old girl’s performance inspired a post on uncontrollable thoughts. She and her partner will be known as Jailbait (now 15, apparently) and Boy for the rest of this post. They were excellent dancers, but last time I became uncomfortable when she stood half a metre away from me in a dress that barely covered her very much grown-up figure, swaying and shimmying in a rather adult way. It just wasn’t fun. This time, knowing they’d be performing, I made sure to sit away from the edge of the dancefloor to avoid the situation happening again. Hah.

Again they were excellent, but during their rumba routine she came out of a turn, locked eyes with me, held my gaze for a couple of seconds then gave a very slow, sultry wink. Obviously this was part of the routine and I just happened to be in her eyeline, and the friends I was with thought this was terribly funny. As did I: the extra distance made me far more comfortable with the whole thing, and the irony was entertaining1. We laughed about it and carried on dancing for the rest of the evening. Then, as we were leaving, a few people were chatting to Jailbait and Boy and I for some reason remarked “thanks for the wink, it made my day.” I obviously meant it as a friendly compliment of their dancing and wasn’t actually serious, but as I drove home I realised there are at minimum 15,000 ways in which it could be misinterpreted. It wasn’t meant to be creepy. I don’t think I said it in a weird manner and am fairly sure she reacted with a smile, but I’ve overthought it and can’t remember properly now. Argh.

This is hopefully just late-night paranoia and will seem ok tomorrow, but it’s one of those moments I really wish I could take back.

  1. it was also the first time anybody’s ever winked sexily at me for any reason at all, so was a new experience 🙂 []