End of the American Smooth course

We finished the seven week American Smooth course this evening, and it was definitely worth the 45-minute drive over to Worcester. The end result is a ballroom-spanning routine made up of four separate ‘groups’, each of which could individually be inserted into a standard waltz at opportune moments. If the floor isn’t too crowded, we *might* try it out at the Christmas Ball this Saturday. I don’t want to get in the way of regular waltzers, though, so we’d have to pick our moment.

It was also very useful to see a different approach towards basic stance and posture. Our teachers do a good job, but another perspective always helps. For example, the Smooth teacher emphasised that heel leads are very important in the ballroom dances, which we didn’t know as our regular class always concentrates on the movements of the steps rather than how to step itself.

I was hoping the course might end with a lift, but they must be leaving them to the ‘improvers’ Smooth class in the new year, which unfortunately is on the same night as our regular dance class. However, Monday nights will change to the beginners Argentine Tango! Quite tempted by that. At professional level, it looks like this:

Oh, my.