Blogmeet, and a Santa Invasion

The blogmeet on Saturday was good fun. There was me, Paul of Mars Hill, Tim of timrollpickering, Lisa of Rullsenberg Rules, Neil of A Cloud in Trousers, Matt and Baby W of Fisking Central, Andrew of Bloggers4Labour, Andrew of someday I will treat you good and Paul of Never Trust a Hippy.

Blogmeet - 1Blogmeet - 2
Blogmeet - 3Blogmeet - 4

Conversation ranged from soul music to politics to Firefly, and we all eagerly polished off three large platters of food. Everybody was very friendly and pleasant, and it was nice to put faces to names. After a few hours I headed off to meet my uncle. I wandered up from Westminster to Leicester Square and found a fairground being invaded by Santas:

Santas at the FairgroundGiant Toys
Swinging SantasSanta on the spinny ride of death

I’ve no idea why, but there were hundreds of them! Not long afterwards I met my uncle at the square, by which time they’d all gone. Thankfully I had the photographic evidence to prove I wasn’t completely barking. Flickr’s clever geotagging feature allows searches based on date and location, and finds at least one other person taking pictures at the same time; this shot was only three minutes before a very similar one of mine.

On the way to Covent Garden we came across one of the stranger Christmas decorations I’ve seen:

The most interesting Christmas decoration I saw

I quite like the effect, it’s just strange that it was the only decoration in the entire street.