On the way to the blogmeet

Just on the train to London for a blogger social at Westminster. Should be fun, although in a dream last night Skuds, Kerron and Neil were all planning elaborate practical jokes to play on me. Hmmm.

I’m going to try to avoid all mention of Strictly until I get back tomorrow, but that might be pushing my luck. Honestly have no idea who’ll go out tonight; based on past performance the best guess would be Matt, but I think it’ll depend on the evening’s performances. It’s interesting – there’s Matt who’s excellent at ballroom but not so hot at the Latin, and Mark who’s the other way around. Emma and Louisa are great at both, but they’ve the advantage of not having to lead. It’s much closer than any other year.

I’d planned to go to the Natural History Museum tomorrow as they’ve a large ice rink in the grounds, but it turns out you have to book tickets, and it’s sold out. Ah well, I might go watch anyway.