My 12 year-old self would be unimpressed by my 23 year-old self

I quite like Take That’s new single, and was impressed by a couple of the album tracks played on the radio last week. Sorry, 12-year-old self.

At 12 I was already into PC games, and would without hesitation claim their vast superiority over their counterparts on – *spits* – consoles. Today I’m utterly intrigued by the Nintendo Wii, mainly because of its wireless, position-and-motion-sensing controller, which allows it to be used as a tennis racket, drumstick, lightsaber…Despite window-breaking potential, that sounds to me like good times! Sorry, 12-year-old self.

For the first time in ages I lost at Articulate last night – I’m not trying to claim any particular intelligence, it’s just that my brain happens to work in the right way for that game. Yesterday my team of men was beaten by a team of women. It is this last detail for which I feel I should apologise to my 12-year-old self, everything else I blame on my teammates.

Said loss was at my dance partner Lynsey’s 24th birthday party. It was great fun. Various far-flung friends attended, and it was good to catch up. Late in the evening I got talked into dancing the Time Warp. Not even the standard Time Warp, but the endlessly entertaining version by The Chipmunks (and the Chipettes). My supposed friend Ben took a picture:

Time Warp

Sorry, 12-year-old self.