I didn’t win anything in a recent writing competition, nor was I ‘highly commended’ or even ‘commended’, but I did at least make the ‘shortlist’. I think they capped it at 100 entries, so making the top 25 isn’t too bad. I particularly like the third place entry.

Not much left in NaNoWriMo: the penultimate scene brought me to 49,650 words exactly. I was in Walsall this morning, but got back in time to write a fair chunk this afternoon, finishing off after the theatre this evening. Tomorrow is all about the ending, as well as a title! I wanted to call it Nutcrackers and Fireflies when I started, but that turned out to have nothing to do with anything, so perhaps not. Given that I have a fair idea what’s going to happen in the finale, the title might cause me the most problems tomorrow.

Incidentally, Song of the Day is ‘Whistle for the Choir‘ by The Fratellis. I like it a lot.