Stratford Christmas Lights

I was out for a walk on Thursday afternoon, and as I approached the town centre I heard a choir. I love listening to street carol singers around Christmas, and headed towards the noise, only to find it was the town’s Christmas lights switching-on ceremony (there must be a better way to write that). A children’s choir and orchestra sat in front of the town hall, and a large crowd had gathered to watch.

High Street Lights Choir in front of Town Hall Watching from the Chinese Restaurant

I hurried home to grab my camera, and arrived back just as the songs ended and the speeches began.

It was not, you could say, the best ceremony ever. At least one street’s lights were on already, the vicar’s prayer was greeted by indifferent hubbub, and the town hall display, proudly switched on by its schoolchild designer, sadly failed to work. Most of the main lights flickered to life a minute before the switch was officially thrown, too. Still, they made an attempt, and the choir and orchestra were great. Santa arrived a few minutes later, in a unique sleigh:

Santa's 'Sleigh'

He briefly said hello, then walked across town to his grotto in the pedestrianised area, followed by many families. There was an enormous queue when I walked past it later. I always like wandering around in the dark with the Christmas lights, so did so for a while. They seem to have put in a lot of effort this year, although sadly there’s nothing by the river as yet.

Bridge Street Lights - 2 Sheep Street Lights Lights leading down Church Street

There are rumours of an outdoor ice rink, which would be great, but I can’t find any details yet. I don’t know what it is about outdoor ice rinks, but they appeal to me greatly.

I was quite pleased with the pictures. Even my f1.8 lens couldn’t cope without a flash, though, resulting in one turning out all Sean of the Dead:


That’s just scary.