Torchwood and The X-Files

Tonight’s Torchwood sent me back to evenings watching The X-Files in my early teens. In hindsight it seems like my parents always picked that night to go out, and every time I’d convince myself that I wouldn’t get scared this time, for I was a grown-up and The X-Files was just a tv show, and then the pre-credit sequence would have me checking over my shoulder and hyperattuned to every creak and groan. Tonight’s pre-credit sequence actually made me nervous, which no film or tv show has managed for a while1.

I think Torchwood is quite similar to The X-Files. Aside from the obvious similarities in premise, both are/were well made, with interesting characters, decent actors2 and a good sense of overriding story, but individual episodes succeed or fail on the strength of their plots. For me it’s been about 50/50 so far, which isn’t a bad ratio for a new show. The dodgy ones have come close, too – the fairy episode was almost quite beautiful at times, and did have a decent finale, but I’m pretty sure the story made no sense at all. I’m glad it’s a twelve-episode series, six wouldn’t have been nearly enough.

Huh, apparently hyperattuned isn’t a word. Don’t care.

  1. The Descent probably would have, had I not been watching it while doing the ironing. []
  2. I know some people have complained about John Barrowman being a little wooden, but I think he has enough charm to pull it off []