Marching People

I was watching SCD this morning, and as the lights dipped for the results to be revealed there was a drumbeat I hadn’t heard before. It got louder and louder, until I eventually realised a marching band was heading up my road. It was followed by various people in uniform. There’s a TA barracks 100m away and a (the?) British Legion too, so I assume they were walking the local streets for remembrance day. I took a couple of photographs when they abruptly stopped and turned:

Marching people outside the window

Marching army people are funny. I know it’s all terribly sombre and serious and to do with disciplined environments, but it looks so bizarre. Are there wartime advantages to walking around with stiff arms and legs, or is it just for the visual? There’s also something a bit creepy about it, like the whole aim is to remove the humanity from the people involved, to make them part of a collective whole. I know that’s what the army is all about, in a way, but I find it a little unsettling. I like it when they fall out and turn back into real individuals.