Chickens roosting and all that

Before November started, and I remembered how much time NaNoWriMo takes up, I was considering signing up at I was briefly public on it last year, then chickened out and cancelled within the 7-day trial period. I had two people ‘wink’ at me, but given the complete lack of any similarity in personality (they both smoked heavily, for starters) I think they were the equivalent of flickr users who click ‘add as contact’ on everybody they see. I went back to the site a couple of weeks ago and found my profile was still in the system, just not visible to the outside world. I remember liking over other sites because there were plenty of areas for free text – other sites just had star sign, favourite animal and whether you liked Big Brother – and I’d filled in most of them. I went through it and tidied up the language, removed comments that seemed terribly amusing at the same but were cringe-worthy now etc., but most obvious was the godawful choice of picture. I really don’t know what I was thinking. So I figured I’d replace it with a decent one.

Hah. As anybody who’s ever tried to take a photo of me knows, I don’t do normal expressions on camera. If there’s a lens in front of me it’s imperative that I pull some kind of silly face / adopt a weird pose / wear an Extreme Hat. Also, my natural expression seems to be rather dour, so the rare pics taken when I’m not looking aren’t exactly flattering. Feeling rather self-conscious, I searched though my own collection and came up empty, which isn’t all that surprising, but also found nothing in friends’ flickr accounts. So I gave up.

I mentioned this to chum-of-old Ed at the weekend, and he immediately grabbed his camera. I attempted to look respectable and failed miserably, so we gave up and laughed over about it with his housemate Simon. Unbeknownst to me Ed continued taking pictures the whole time – I think he just kept his finger on the shutter – and later emailed me a few shots that, amazingly, weren’t too bad. I’m not pulling a particular face in this one. Honest I’m not. Thanks, Ed! Maybe I’ll use one of those shots, although probably not until December…or next year…It’d be much easier if I could just meet Sandra Bullock in a railway station kiosk or something.