The Last Kiss

I think it was written for twentysomethings. The plot revolves around the disintegrating relationships of a variety of couples, most of whom are in their late 20s, and their worries over the future. If I’d seen it six years ago, or even two, I don’t think I’d have understood as much as I did, or even sympathised with the same characters. When I’m older I suspect it’ll all seem very obvious, but right now it strikes various chords, and I enjoyed it. I liked that the dialogue managed to keep its head above water despite the subject matter, and the ever-watchable Zach Braff was good in a non-comedy role. I was particularly intrigued by Rachel Bilson’s character, who not that long ago I’d have found very sexy, but now just seems young. I think that was the idea, even if I feel terribly snobby now I’ve written it down. I thought the film did a good job of portraying a range of emotions while keeping a sense of…well, it didn’t sink to Closer-esque levels of unpleasantness, put it that way. Worth catching, imho – trailer here.