Headway Quiz

A friend’s brother was in a nasty car accident last year, and both he and his family were helped out by the charity Headway. They provide information on brain injuries and were apparently a great support, and I went to a quiz last night to raise money for them. It’s a good thing it was for charity, as it wasn’t the greatest quiz in the world. Having double the number of points on a music round – one for the song title, one for the artist – is all very well, but when this isn’t revealed until the round itself, and some teams hadn’t yet used their point-doubling joker…there were grumblings šŸ™‚ Plus, MIM bloody well is a correct roman numeral form of ‘1999’. Well, Wikipedia actually says:

Rules regarding Roman numerals often state that a symbol representing 10^x may not precede any symbol larger than 10^(x+1). For example, C cannot be preceded by I or V, only by X (or, of course, by a symbol representing a value equal to or larger than C). Thus, one should represent the number “ninety-nine” as XCIX, not as the “shortcut” IC. However, these rules are not universally followed.

This ‘problem’ manifested in questions as to why 1990 was not written as MXM instead of the universal usage MCMXC, or why 1999 was not written simply IMM or MIM as opposed to the virtually universal MCMXCIX.

I’m going to use ‘these rules are not universally followed’ as my get-out. Also it’s pretty rich having such silly rules in a numeric system with no symbol for zero. But hey, I’m not bitter šŸ™‚

I was nervous about meeting my ex-girlfriend’s parents, and they came over to say hello at the end of the evening. I got myself into a bit of a state afterwards as a result, but came home to find something that cheered me up. Is long and not all that interesting, so I won’t go into it1, but the end result was I made somebody laugh, which was enough to knock me out of that particular mood. It has made me realise that:

  1. Moping over her has become my default position when I don’t have anything else major going on, isn’t even all that strong since it goes away as fast as it arrives, and is almost undoubtedly just a result of having nobody else to think about (figures, since it went away earlier this year).
  2. I am completely bloody fed up of being on my own.

Maybe I’ll have to give Match.com another try.

  1. yeah, I know this doesn’t normally stop me []