Lazy sunday afternoon

I keep talking back to Robin Hood. I’m turning into a grumpy person, I think, but the show’s so full of nonsensical moments that I can’t help it. Yesterday’s episode had Robin + Merry Men fleeing scent dogs. They ran across the forest, crested a rise and turned to see whether the dogs would follow. Happily the dogs went the wrong way – hooray! Except they’re scent dogs – the whole point is that they follow trails, isn’t it? And then the group wandered undisguised into a presumably well-guarded Nottingham and watched a speech by the Sheriff, during which Robin fired an arrow across the crowd to get Marian’s attention. Nobody noticed. I went out.

My dance teachers organise monthly dances at a local village hall, with tickets available to the public. They’ve had ups and downs: the first was attended by over 80 but an August evening saw only 14. Last night’s had around 50, which was about right for the size of the dance floor. Lynsey and I are slowly improving at floorcraft, although I could do with learning the official names of the steps. Sometimes I’ll realise we’re heading for a collision, figure out a route around it and struggle to find any way to describe it other than ‘the sideways step thing’, which unsurprisingly doesn’t help much 🙂 We’ve struggled to keep going in the waltz and quickstep before, but they worked ok this time. It helps that we’ve been learning the proper stance, which feels (and sometimes, tbh, looks) odd, but does ease movement. Good fun, plus our friends Nod and Rachel have just started learning and are getting early opportunities to dance on a proper floor, which Lynsey and I didn’t do for six months or so. Halfway through the evening we had to stop to find out who was evicted from Strictly Come Dancing. It’s two weeks until we’re (hopefully) going, and Anton‘s doing badly. Happily he escaped the chop last night. My equivalent crush is Karen, who happily seems to be in no danger just yet.

Last week I was invited to a meal+quiz tomorrow night. I said yes, and the next morning was talking to my guitar teacher, who turned out to have been invited to the same quiz by my ex-girlfriend’s parents. Hmmm. I’m a little nervous, but I’m not sure about what. I don’t think they’re the kind of people to be impolite, and it’s not like they really have any reason to (I hope). I doubt I’ll be able to properly relax, but it should be ok.

I’m looking forward to Torchwood this evening. They’ve done a great job with the trailers, making it look very stylish and exciting. According to John Barrowman it’s a 12-episode series, too. I have the occasional problem with Russell T. Davies’ plots, but the dialogue and characters are always great.