Moo Minicards

I’ve been a bad blogger. The minicards arrived and I didn’t report back as promised. Here they are, modelled by groupies1:

Moo Cards

They’re great! Nicely sturdy and simply fun to pick up. The print quality is high, with a good level of detail on the city-at-night shot I used, and the text on the back is smooth without aliasing. They came in a neat little box which fits perfectly into a money pocket. A bit too perfectly, actually – I’ve been carrying them around in the (probably vain) hope I’ll be able to give one out, and am worried they’ll end up getting washed.

At $19.99 for 100 it’s quite tempting to get a larger box, although I’m not sure they’d ever be used for anything other than looking pretty on my desk…Hmmm.

  1. Superman couldn’t be there due to world-saving activities, Batman didn’t care because it’s daytime []