Integrate Google Reader into Gmail

If you happen to use Firefox, Gmail, Google Reader and greasemonkey, this post is for you…

The recently relaunched Google Reader is very swish. Nearly good enough to wean me away from FeedLounge, in fact. The interface is very similar to Gmail, and Lifehacker pointed me towards this greasemonkey script, from a member of the Google Reader team, which directly integrates the post list into Gmail:

Integrating Google Reader into Gmail - Close-up

When items are selected the usual Google Reader options are available (although ’email’ doesn’t currently work for me):

Integrating Google Reader into Gmail - Item

Reading between the lines of the post, it seems that official integration is a possibility but a long way from production, and this is their pre-Labs way of testing things out with a tech-savvy crowd. It does work very well, imho. It’s fast and doesn’t slow down Gmail overall, and feels surprisingly handy. Currently the list view can’t be filtered – the tag interface would undoubtedly clutter things up terribly – so it’s only appropriate for people with a relatively small number of feed items.

If you’re comfortable messing around with the greasemonkey script it’s apparently possible to get the ‘expanded view’ by searching for and removing “&view=list”.