The Devil Wears Prada

I thought The Devil Wears Prada looked fun, but the trailer suggested it might be an ugly duckling film. You know the type: stunningly beautiful actress is given frizzy hair and glasses and mocked by her peers, then halfway through the film gets a makeover plus contact lenses and emerges a jaw-dropping slow-motion wonder. Anne Hathaway certainly meets the criteria (and in fact did exactly this as a 14-year-old in The Princess Diaries, which I remember thinking had some very odd morals in this regard), but happily The Devil Wears Prada has more to it. There is a transformation, but it links into an overall theme and isn’t pushed as entirely virtuous. I thought the whole film was very well made, and really enjoyed it. I have a feeling that there were many cameos from famous fashion people that completely passed me by, mind.