Worries over insurance and leaks

Halfway to St. Annes I discovered that my tax disc was a month out of date. I hadn’t received the reminder form, but I really should have noticed sooner. The thing that really worried me, though, was that I also couldn’t remember receiving anything about insurance. I bought the car thirteen months ago and would have insured it at the same time as it was taxed…I figured the tax could wait a couple of days until I got home, but the insurance was another matter. I couldn’t even remember which of three possible companies the insurance was with. I decided to buy another six months just in case – there’s normally a 14-day cancellation period – and my very patient sister helped me out over the phone. She had the clever idea of logging into confused.com with my details, and found a previously saved quote from this June. I sold my previous car in June 2005, and maybe I’d bought the insurance just before, or something. Based on this and the fact I’d had no reminders I decided it was more likely to be ok, but drove the 2.5hr M6 journey very nervous and overly cautious, just in case. It turned out that I had indeed renewed the insurance back in June, but I wish I’d remembered that on Friday!

I arrived home at 0100 last night to find a note saying there was a leak from my flat into the rooms below, and first thing this morning there was a call from the housing association. I figured it was the shower as there’s been a small puddle appearing next to the base recently, and I hadn’t gotten around to having it checked out yet. However, I visited the lady downstairs and found the leak had abruptly started last Thursday, and wasn’t actually underneath the shower. I checked out my boiler cupboard and found the floor drenched. For unknown reasons the previous occupier blanked off one of the pipes with a tap instead of a cap, and it must have started leaking late last week. Really unlucky, as I’m sure I’d have noticed if I’d been around. The plumbers are coming around this afternoon to fix the tap and take a look at the shower, but for now the problem’s been solved by a bowl.

That sorted, I applied for car tax online. It’s possible without the reminder form as long as you have the registration certificate, and they also automatically check the details against MOT and insurance databases, which is cool. It did warn me that I’d committed an offence by going a month without tax, so I’ll have to wait and see whether I’m fined. Hopefully not, although it would be perfectly reasonable of them to do so. The date is already marked in next year’s calendar – I’m not going through all that again!