In a pleasing coincidence, yesterday I posted my 2000th blog post, as well as the 2000th photo upload to flickr. I shall therefore spend an introspective few paragraphs…

Well, maybe not. Well, maybe a little.

Since installing the mint stats collector just under a year ago, the most popular posts have been on HDR photography, 75 Bands and life coaching. Most ‘interesting‘ images are an HDR shot of a London market, Cadillac Ranch in Amarillo, Texas and Pink Floyd at Live 8.

Busy few days ahead. I’m off to see a Richard Dawkins talk this evening – I’m taking my copy of The Blind Watchmaker on the off chance he’s available for book signings – then tomorrow I’m going to St. Annes for a dancing weekend. I’m supposed to get a deluxe room after an email exchange with the hotel owner over the use of some photographs I took last year, which should be pleasant! It’s half an hour’s walk from Blackpool, and I’m hoping to ride the Manic Rollercoaster of Death during the day. I also have a 2200 word entry for a writing competition with a 1500 word limit, which will probably drive me nuts for the greater part of next week.