HP Slimming Cameras

Some HP digital cameras apparently come with a ‘slimming’ feature:

They say cameras add ten pounds, but HP digital cameras can help reverse that effect. The slimming feature, available on select HP digital camera models, is a subtle effect that can instantly trim off pounds from the subjects in your photos!

I’m looking for signs that it’s a joke, but I can’t see any…I imagine it works via digital processing, although there’s lens trickery that could achieve the same effect. The more I think about it the less bizarre it seems, though. I guess there’s no reason why not if it makes people feel better about themselves. Still, there’s something about altering a person’s appearance that feels…icky. Outside of fashion magazines, anyway. I tend to think that there are so many factors that could make somebody look bad in a photograph that this would only come in handy in a very few situations…Generally it’s getting too close with a wide-angle, resulting in huge noses, or being too far away with a telephoto, making everything look flat. Via Granny Buttons.