Lost Finale – Season Two

I enjoyed that a lot 🙂 Spoiler break…

Lots of cool stuff! Decent explanation for The Button and the plane crash, which I didn’t see coming at all.

I guess it was inevitable that the kid would have to go, when you think about it. He looked substantially larger than he did in the first episode, which isn’t surprising after 18 months(?) or so of filming. I imagine the plot was designed to deal with this problem, mind, and it didn’t feel forced in any way.

So I picked up on the guy in the hatch being the US army guy Sayeed dealt with, but had we seen the woman before? She was terribly familiar, but I might just have seen her in something else…(worried I’m forgetting something really obvious, here).

I am utterly intrigued by The Big Foot.

The finale also contained yet more evidence for my hypothesis that Jim From Neighbours is the most famous actor in the world. The guy turns up everywhere.

I imagine series three is /will soon be on in the US. Can’t see C4 showing the new series until next year, so just have to avoid all mention of it…I quite like breaks between series, though. It’s annoying for a day or two, then you forget about it for a while, then it’s a nice surprise when the first adverts come on.