Avast an’ Arrrr!

Arrrr! It be International Talk Like a Sea-Dog Day and I be talkin’ like a sea-dog! I makin’ no apologies fer not postin’ durin’ th’ day, for I b’n thinkin’ ’bout booty.

Nay, ye filth-minded bilge rats!

Well, aye.

But nay. Me pile o’gold be confusin’, but now be in order. I be celebratin’ this evenin’ wi’ seven wenches an’ a tub o’grog. What yer sayin’? Some bilge rat stole me wenches?! An’ me grog be juice o’apple?! P’raps I content meself wi’ Holby City, CSI: Miami an’ Lost, then. I be easily pleased.

I be havin’ noticin’ it be mighty easy ter slip from the fine language o’sea-dogs ter west highland farmer. Arrrrrrrrr!